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Lashes & Brows?

Let’s not forget about our lashes and brows! We all know by now that lashes and brows play a significant role in our overall aesthetics. We color the hair on our head so why not our lashes and brows? A lash tint and brow tint can cause the illusion of them being fuller and longer by coloring the hair follicles from base to tip. 

Don’t have time for a lash tint or lash extensions? Try some Latisse! This daily at-home treatment can make your lashes longer, thicker, and darker in as little as 8 weeks.

What to Expect


  • Lashes & Brows Aftercare

    • Don’t apply make-up or receive any other eye treatments for at least 24 hours after your treatment.
    • Avoid swimming/ sauna for 24 hours
    • Keep brows dry for 24 hours
    • Use Lash & Brown Toxx conditioner daily
    • Avoid the temptation to over-touch the eyebrow area after treatment. Touching can add oils to the area and could clog the open pores resulting in spots.
    • Do not allow prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or heat; the use of sunbeams, saunas steam rooms, and swimming pools
    • Tweezing in between appointments is to be avoided to maintain the best long term- shape
    • Do not apply Retin-A, AHA, or exfoliate around the eyebrow area for three days before or after the treatment
    Do not use self-tanning products on the face for 48 hours either before or after the treatment.
    Tinting results will be darker and more defined immediately after your treatment and oil-based makeup remover can cause the tint to fade faster


LATISSE® is a topical solution to grow lashes fuller, longer, and darker in as little as 4 weeks! Of note, it does take a full 16 weeks before seeing the full result, but it’s definitely worth the wait. One 5 mL bottle will last you around 10 weeks and at $179/bottle it is a no-brainer. So stop damaging your eyelashes with extensions, free up that time you would have needed for a fill, and just try some Latisse. Your eyelashes will thank you.


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