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What are HA Fillers?

Juvederm, Restylane, and RHA are hyaluronic acid fillers suspended in a gel carrier. This gel helps the hyaluronic acid stay in place where injected. The hyaluronic acid works immediately by pulling in water, therefore, increasing the volume where injected. This is great for moderate to deeper wrinkles and folds of the face or areas where more volume is desired, like cheeks or lips. These fillers are dissolved naturally, with most lasting up to a year and some even longer. There are various HA Fillers on the market. Here we use Juvederm, Restylane, and RHA hyaluronic acid fillers to deliver subtle to dramatic enhancements. More options, and customized results.

Areas treated here at Face KC Medical Spa include cheek, smile lines, lips, jawline, chin, and more. We are constantly educating ourselves and attending advanced training to offer optimal results safely.

Lip fillers in Kansas City

Quick Facts

HA Fillers

Hydrated & Plumped
*Hyaluronic acids help to keep our skin hydrated and plumped.

Minimal Downtime
*Nonsurgical option with minimal downtime to volumize the face.

Various Options
*Many filler options offered to provide a customized treatment.

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Scheduling Recommendations

  • It is recommended to wait at least 2 weeks (preferably 4 weeks) before or after any illness, vaccination, or dental work (especially routine cleanings) prior to any filler treatment.
  • Notify your treatment provider prior to your appointment if you have any history of cold sores.
  • Make sure you allow for at least 2 weeks between filler treatments and any big life event like pictures, vacations, etc.
  • It is not recommended to get injected on the same day as any facial procedure such as facials, chemical peels, etc as the areas will need to be washed and prepped for injections.

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